The aim of the project is to develop novel multifunctional composites with outstanding electronic and mechanical properties by incorporation of novel MXene nanosheets into polymer matrixes.

The overall aim of the project is to provide new materials and technologies with better performance, efficiency, quality, and cost savings in their end-user applications.

Research objectives:

  • Development of model-integrated technology methods for synthesis of various MXenes and manufacturing of MXene-polymer composites;
  • Experimental characterization of morphology, electronic, thermo-physical, and mechanical properties of MXenes and MXene/polymer composites;
  • Development of multi-scale modelling tools for assessment of operational properties of MXene-polymer composites;
  • Validation of MXene-polymer composites for use in practical applications by the development of labscale product prototypes demonstrating better performance and efficiency compared to common graphene- and other 2D nanoparticle-based composites or providing new applications.

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